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Peter Rowe

Prokill East Surrey and West Sussex

Today I have been contacted by one of my clients to say that they needed to overhaul the air conditioning units in their office roof, and ask if it would be possible to temporarily remove the pigeon net that we had fitted in 2013 to allow access for the engineers. The removal was straightforward, and I was able to do that alone without access equipment, but it was obvious that the reinstallation would require two people. I therefore contacted another franchisee, Mick Ragan in Essex and arranged for him to come over a provide an extra pair of hands for the day.

Access was not a problem for the job as we were working on an enclosed flat roof, but with strict instructions not to put weight on the new air conditioning units, I think I should have asked for someone with longer arms as pigeon netting has an uncanny knack of finding every possible snag point. Net installed, and together with some minor repair work to the other areas of the net, we were able to grab a meal in their staff canteen before last orders.