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Justin Holloway

Prokill Thames West

Manic Monday...

It was an early start as I drove to my first appointment for 09:00am. My first appointment of the day was in Didcot, OX11 to carry out a CCTV survey of drains to investigate a rat issue for a block management company. This is a survey to solve an ongoing rat problem. The issue is identified, and a one way drain valve is installed to remedy the issue. This was a great opportunity to train one of my technicians in the use of CCTV equipment. 

By 11:00am, I'm in Oxford to carry out a survey of an apartment block for rat issues. The problem is identified and a solution proposed and accepted. After this, work commenced. 

At 11:45am I'm in a nearby location to carry out a second treatment for rats in a ground floor apartment. Activity is starting to decrease which is pleasing. 

12:40pm and Im heading over to Begbroke OX5 to carry out a pest control installation at a former manor building on behalf of a block management company.

By 2:25pm I had received an urgent call and found myself in Cheltenham GL50. The urgent call out is to remove trapped pigeons in a roof void and quote for guano removal and proofing works. I have a happy client, and a proposal to do back at the office.

3:55pm and I'm have an appointment in Stroud GL5 waiting for me, so I head off to treat a high level wasp nest with dust sticks for a block management company, and complete a last visit for a three part rodent control program.

By 4:25pm my day is almost over. I have a trip to the office to assign various job work to technicians, check stock levels and prepare for a new started in a weeks time before heading back out again to carry out my final job for the day.

At 7:30pm I have my final call of the day. Culling pigeons in a warehouse for a garden centre.

Finally my day is done, and I'm in need of a rest. So I head home finally, getting back in my door for 8:45pm only to find my dinner in the dog.