Bird Proofing and Bird Prevention

Comprehensive local bird proofing and prevention for nuisance birds.

Prokill Pest Control services are specialists in bird proofing and bird prevention, with local and regional technicians around the UK and Ireland we provide a personal and discreet service enabling the safe removal and enforce preventative methods for all nuisance birds from all types of buildings, including garages, warehouses and historical buildings and monuments.

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Our Bird Proofing Service

At Prokill we are aware of how important it is to take a proactive approach with bird pest prevention, which in the long term saves both time and money and will discuss with you our bird control methods and how to keep birds away in future.

Among the main reasons: birds carry and can spread disease passed on from hosting parasites, also their droppings can corrode building materials. If birds are allowed to inhabit an area long enough, they will persistently defend it as their territory, we offer professional bird control methods for such problems.

Once the Prokill technicians have identified the bird pests, and have established their specific behaviour and frequency, we can then select the most appropriate bird proofing technique. Once we determine the number of birds on the site – known as Bird Pressure – we will adopt the most appropriate and effective bird proofing strategy for treatment. Whether through bird spikes, bird netting or wires, we use pest control industry standard method of protecting private properties, offices and industrial buildings.

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Risks of the most common Bird Pests

The risks of gulls:

  • Seagulls carry diseases which can cause food poisoning in humans
  • Salmonella, vibrio cholerae, listeria and Escherichia coli are regularly carried by seagulls, and transmitted via their droppings
  • Seagulls are aggressive, and have been known to steal food from the hands of pedestrians

The risks of pigeons:

  • Pigeons carry more harmful diseases to humans than rats
  • Bird fouling plays host to fleas, flies and a number of other insects
  • Pigeon droppings are responsible for wide-ranging clean-up operations

Our Bird Proofing & Prevention Service

Bird Spikes

Anti-Roosting Bird Spikes prevent Pigeons, Gulls and other bird species from perching on your property without hurting the bird. Spikes are the pest control industry standard method of protecting private properties, offices and industrial buildings. Pigeon deterrent spikes are recommended by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and PICAS (The Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most popular methods used by pest control companies for excluding nuisance birds such as Gulls, Starlings and Feral Pigeons from all types of objects, openings and structures. One net can be used to protect many bird resting places over significant areas and therefore bird netting is often the most cost-effective bird proofing solution.

Bird Wire

This bird deterrent system is for use against pigeons or gulls in areas where the presence of these pest birds is light, it will help deter birds from new buildings or structures. It is almost invisible from ground level and will ensure years of trouble-free maintenance. This system consists of spring tensioned wires that are suspended between posts. As the birds try to land feet first they encounter the unstable wire and are deterred from trying to alight on the structure.

Solar Panels

Prokill are more frequently being asked to proof solar panels at both residential and commercial properties, where pigeons and gulls are more commonly using them as an ideal nesting location. Prokill can install mesh around the solar panels, or we can install the Probird Solar-Guard both – methods are proven to deter pigeons from these locations.

Why Prokill Pest Control?

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

As one of the leading Environmental Services companies in the UK and Ireland, Prokill’s responsible environmental objectives are key to its development – revolving heavily around the comprehensive service we provide to customers and the training we provide to our staff. In all areas of the business, our environmental targets are in place that include the use of bespoke web-based administration and documentation systems to minimise printing costs and provide uniformity across the group allowing for real time access.

What is a Prokill FREE Pest Audit?

As well as providing useful free pest control advice on general housekeeping and preventative pest solutions, our local pest control experts will provide you with a complete pest assessment of how to prevent infestations, or remove types of pests you’ve already identified.
Whether you are already have got a pest control agreement with a local pest prevention however are not sure or not convinced of its effectiveness, or presume that your environment might be prone to pest infestation, the FREE Pest Control Risk Audit conducted by the local Prokill Control Technicians will highlight all the areas of potential risk from various types of pest.
Infestations from any kind of pest – whether rodents, bird pests or insects – can be detrimental to all aspects of your daily life and would most probably infringe health and safety regulations that can result in closure or severe interruption of your business or premises. Our pest control team is authorised and able to create a comprehensive pest cover if necessary and will even notify existing contractors for you if you wish to change.

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