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Fox Control Services

After the First World War, foxes migrated into urban areas of the UK and this was mainly due to a change in people’s lifestyles. Rural foxes quickly urbanised and benefited from food sources and shelter in the relatively large gardens, from compost heaps, bird-tables and garden buildings.

How To Get Rid Of Foxes

To ensure you are dealing with your problem with foxes quickly and effectively we recommend you contact us as soon as possible, we will guarantee that you receive the following service to deal with your ant infestation and eradicate the issue.

  • FREE Pest Control Audit - we will assess the size and type of infestation in your home or business
  • Accredited Experts - qualified technicians certified with British Pest Control Association
  • Tailored Pest Control Technicians - each assessment will be specific to your infestation and the type of property affected
  • Proofing and Prevention - our technicians will provide prevention tips for the future

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Have you spotted the signs of a fox around your home?

Have you got Foxes skulking around your property? Here’s how we can help.

Native to the British Isles, the red fox is now widespread throughout mainland Britain. Invasive species, foxes easily adapt to new environments and new areas.

Foxes are now urban animals and have become used to living near to people and successive generations have spread inwards towards city centres.

  • Foxes carry diseases that can affect pets and people alike
  • Rural foxes are quickly urbanised
  • Check under sheltered garden features.

Your local Prokill Professional will provide you with advice like this and more in your FREE Prokill Pest Audit, as well as creating a comprehensive control plan that is specific to your problem and environment. Contact us to book yours today!

Prevention of Foxes

How can you prevent Foxes making themselves at home on your property?

Helpful Tips

  • Tidy inside the house and around the garden and ensure food scraps are not left out.
  • Put outdoor rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids to stop them feeding from contents.
  • A solid fence will deter some wildlife from entering your garden, and make it easier to spot if animals dig underneath to gain access.
  • Clean up pet food and bird seed debris, and store pet food in robust containers with fitted lids.

The Common Fox


(Family Canidae)

Foxes are becoming more and more common in urban society and can cause problems in people’s gardens and threaten the lives of pets.

This wildlife pest can come in contact and in conflict with smallholders and groundsmen and is often found digging out foundations in areas that are structurally dangerous.

When you call in Prokill, we’ll carry out a FREE Pest Control Risk Audit to understand all aspects of the infestation, there are solutions to remove a fox infestation, and we will then make recommendations for a suitable pest control solution.

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