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We are specialists in pest control and how to get rid of seagulls and gulls in and around your home or business. With a team of local and regional pest control experts around the UK and Ireland we provide a personal and discreet service. We guarantee safe seagull removal from all types of buildings, including garages, warehouses and historical buildings and monuments. We also provide preventative methods to ensure your seagull problem is a thing of the past.

  • Will hide in small spaces of tall buildings and flat roofs
  • Will use balconies, ledges, chimneys and other similar areas are favorites for these birds
  • Flock together on flat surfaces and roofs
  • Any gap larger than 25mm is an access point for them – Watch out for these.

Signs of a seagull problem? How you can tell when it’s time to get rid of nuisance seagulls and gulls.

Unlike many other pest bird species, gulls present pest controllers with two very different and severe challenges. Firstly, gulls do not settle in a single centre of activity, they are highly adaptable and can often make a round trip of 100km in search of food in a matter of hours. Secondly, they are considerably more intelligent than most pest birds and despite the best efforts of some professionals to prevent or remove seagulls or gulls, colonies have continued to expand.
e continued to expand.

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Seagull Prevention Tips

How can you prevent a flock of Gulls making themselves at home on your property?

Helpful Tips

  • As scavengers Gulls, will feed on nearly anything so minimising food sources is key.
  • Tidy inside the house and around the garden and ensure food scraps are not left out.
  • Put outdoor rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids to stop them feeding from contents.
  • Clean up pet food and bird seed debris, and store pet food in robust containers with fitted lids.
  • Prevent them from building nests by minimising the available materials for them to use.

Your local Prokill Professional will provide you with advice like this and more in your FREE Prokill Pest Audit, as well as creating a comprehensive control plan that is specific to your problem and environment. Contact us to book yours today!

Gulls (Family Laridae)

Almost every town in the UK and Ireland now has a growing population of roof-nesting Gulls and national papers state that “Gulls may become a greater pest than rats”. Our not so friendly Seagulls regularly feature in the press and stories of gulls terrorising workers on roofs and even striking bystanders on the street, are a regular occurrence – not just in coastal towns. Large Gulls are also regularly reported stealing food from the hands of tourists or protecting their young in an aggressive manner.

This aggressive behaviour, especially during summer time: July and August is now widely publicised, and their nesting and breeding habits can cause severe problems on buildings for all sectors of the community, due to extreme noise, especially during courtship and chick rearing, and blocking down-pipes and gutters with their alarmingly large amounts of excrement.

Have you got a Seagull problem? Contact a Prokill expert online or call us on 0800 328 9354

Get Rid of Seagulls and Gulls

 If you’re struggling with a persistent seagull or gull problem at your home or business, contact a Prokill expert for a professional and effective solution.

Our local technicians are experienced in providing a range of seagull removal and gull deterrent solutions to combat nuisance gulls in and around homes and businesses. Using certified Pest Control methods, we can treat high-density gull populations quickly and effectively starting with a FREE Prokill Gull Control Audit.

Seagull problem? Can be more than just their presence.

Several recent studies have shown that gulls carry disease organisms which cause food poisoning in humans and spread them in the environment. Organisms such as Salmonella spp, vibrio cholerae spp, listeria spp, Escherichia coli are routinely carried by Gulls and distributed by way of their faeces. In 2003 an E-Coli outbreak caused the death of 20 elderly people in Scotland and the situation was caused by gulls contaminating water sources with both Salmonella spp. and E-Coli 0157.

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