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Rodent Proofing

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Rodent Proofing

Prokill’s expert rodent proofing technicians have a range of knowledge when it comes to dealing with different kinds of rodents, and have experience of dealing with multiple different customer types such as businesses, residential properties, offices, restaurants and many more. We can provide you with a professional rodent proofing service which is both safe and legally compliant.

Why should you rodent-proof your property?

Chances are that you don’t spend much time thinking about rodents. For most of us, this is something that only crops up if and when we think we might have an infestation.

While it may seem logical to simply deal with the problem when it arises, there are actually some very good reasons why it’s important to prevent an outbreak from occurring in the first place.

Damage That Rodents Can Cause

  • Rodents Can Cause Damage You May Not Notice - By the time you notice you have rats or mice running around the place, they probably will have already caused a significant amount of damage. There are a number of ways rodents can cause damage which easily goes unnoticeable including:

    • Gnawing and burrowing into upholstered furniture (they may go through the back so you wouldn’t notice unless you moved the item)
    • They tunnel into insulation inside walls and attics
    • They chew insulation around wires
    • Rodents can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces but if they spot a hole on the outside of your property and it’s not quite big enough for them to get through, they will chew on it until it is – causing damage to the structure of your home
    • The more hidden away and undisturbed an area is, the more likely a rodent is to make itself at home. They generally do everything they can to avoid human contact so by the time you notice an infestation, chances are they’ve already been there for a while

  • The Common Entry Points For Rodents Include: - • Inside, underneath and behind kitchen cabinets, fridges and stoves
    • Inside cupboards near the floor corners
    • Around windows and doors. Young rats and mice can even squeeze through small gaps under doorways so fit strips to the bottom of doors as a deterrent
    • The fireplace
    • Pipes under sinks and washing machines
    • Floor and dryer vents
    • The attic
    • The basement
    • Around holes for electrical, plumbing, cable and gas lines
    • Cat flaps

  • They’re A Fire Hazard - Rodents are very intelligent when it comes to finding crafty ways to navigate their way inside and then making your home theirs without you even noticing. Unfortunately however, they’re not smart enough to know that chewing through electrical wires is a huge fire hazard.

    Mice will even build their nests in large electrical appliances while chewing on or through insulation and wiring. This can cause the appliance to short circuit or malfunction, leading to the risk of fire.

  • They’re A Big Health Risk - One of the main reasons people dislike rodents so much is because of the number of diseases they carry. Sharing your home or office with rats and mice exposes you to a number of diseases that can spread in a number of ways including through the handling of these creatures regardless of whether they’re dead or alive, or simply by coming unknowingly into contact with rodent faeces, urine or saliva

    If you don’t want rats and mice to enter your property, don’t make it easy for them. Seal any holes inside and outside the building, no matter how small they are – rodents can squeeze through much smaller holes than you might expect.

Why Prokill Pest Control Solutions?

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

As one of the leading Environmental Services companies in the UK and Ireland, Prokill’s responsible environmental objectives are key to its development – revolving heavily around the comprehensive service we provide to customers and the training we provide to our staff. In all areas of the business, our environmental targets are in place that includes the use of bespoke web-based administration and documentation systems to minimise printing costs and provide uniformity across the group allowing for real-time access.

What is a FREE Prokill Pest Control Audit?

  • Professional Advice and Recommendations - As well as providing useful free expert pest control advice on general housekeeping and preventative pest control solutions, our local expert pest control experts will provide you with a complete pest assessment of how to prevent infestations, or remove types of pests you’ve already identified.

  • Pest Prevention Help - Whether you are already have got a pest control agreement with a local pest control company however are not sure or not convinced of its effectiveness, or presume that your environment might be prone to pest infestation, the FREE Pest Control Risk Audit conducted by one of Prokill’s expert local Pest Control Technicians will highlight all the areas of potential risk from various types of pest.

  • Legislation Compliance Advice - Infestations from any kind of pest – whether rodents, bird pests or insects – can be detrimental to all aspects of your daily life and would most probably infringe health and safety regulations that can result in closure or severe interruption of your business or premises. Our expert pest control solutions team is authorised and able to create a comprehensive pest cover if necessary and will even notify existing contractors for you if you wish to change.

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Every Prokill technician has been trained through our extensive RSPH examinations and are CRB approved. Through our dedicated training and support programs, we ensure that our technicians comply with legislation, giving you peace of mind that you are in the hands of experts.

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