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Every Prokill technician is a highly trained and certificated pest controller

Local service, with teams across the UK you are never far from a Prokill technician

Responsible use of effective treatments in line with CRRU


We’re the leading environmentally friendly pest control providers in the UK for a reason – because we’re able to provide you with reliable and effective solutions to combat rodents, birds, insects and any other pests causing you trouble.

What you’ll enjoy with our Pest+ service:

Our Pest+ service is the ideal solution for commercial properties and low dependency commercial areas. Investing in the Pest+ plan means that our technicians will always be on hand to contain, control and remove any pests within your premises. This means that we’ll also perform regular checks on lures or netting we’ve placed on your premises, so you can be sure that your property is safe from any nasty pests.

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For a comprehensive pest control service and prevention package, our PestPlus Service is ideally suited to large residential properties and low dependency commercial areas.

With a range of protection measures and control support, our local Prokill services teams will always be on hand to maintain an effective level of protection on your property and contain any pest infestations that may occur.

Get in touch with your local services team to find out more about what a Prokill PestPlus plan can do for your home or business.

  • Professional fully equipped vehicles for pest prevention and control
  • Initial risk assessment and FREE Pest Control Risk Survey
  • Tamper resistant safe pest baiting
  • Each visit is followed up by a report detailing the pest control services that were undertaken
  • Ongoing recommendations for housekeeping and proofing
  • Report folder including all contact information and materials used on site
  • Matrix Plan of site for all bait, detector and controls locations
  • Free call-outs as backup on pests covered under agreement

What is a Prokill FREE Pest Control Audit?

  • Professional Advice and Recommendations - As well as providing useful free pest control advice on general housekeeping and preventative pest solutions, our local pest control experts will provide you with a complete pest assessment of how to prevent infestations, or remove types of pests you’ve already identified.

  • Pest Prevention Service - Whether you are already have got a pest control agreement with a local pest prevention however are not sure or not convinced of its effectiveness, or presume that your environment might be prone to pest infestation, the FREE Pest Control Risk Audit conducted by the local Prokill Control Technicians will highlight all the areas of potential risk from various types of pest.

  • Legislation Compliance Advice - Infestations from any kind of pest – whether rodents, bird pests or insects – can be detrimental to all aspects of your daily life and would most probably infringe health and safety regulations that can result in closure or severe interruption of your business or premises. Our pest control team is authorised and able to create a comprehensive pest cover if necessary and will even notify existing contractors for you if you wish to change.

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