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Pest Control for Property Managers, Landlords & Letting Agents

Branch Manager Justin Holloway has been treating homes and businesses just like yours with exceptional 24/7 service. Just like all our other technicians Justin has a wealth of local knowledge and expert pest control ability and can all ensure your pest problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Justin has recently compiled a useful guide specifically for dealing with pest control when managing properties and rentals. It is designed to help you understand the subtleties of pest control which is perhaps one of the least understood services that you may need to call on in your management role.

Pest Control for Property Managers, Landlords & Letting Agents

In the property management sector, it is the management or lettings company that is the first point of contact for pest problems. Just as you are experts in your sector, so are we and the purpose of this guide is to provide some useful assistance during that initial contact. We have presented some basic facts relating to various pests. We aim to help you navigate the complex relationship between landlord and tenant and bring the pest problem to a conclusion that is properly considered and respectful to all parties.

Pest Control for Your Property

Pest control within peoples homes is an emotive subject, and we believe that when choosing a pest controller to help in your home, you need a company that understands this, and one that tailors its service around you, and your needs. As a group of small business owners, we understand this and tailor our service accordingly.

  • We'll listen to your problem over the phone - So we can understand what the problem is and be able to reassure you by giving you peace of mind that you’re in the hands of experts.

  • You'll recieve a full survey of your property - We’ll fully inspect your premises, to find out how wide-ranging your infestation is, and start to formulate a plan of action to obtain control.

  • We'll devise the best pest control service for you - Our aim is to cause you minimal disruption, we will work around your availability, and we will do our best to get rid of pests without taking up too much of your time.

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What is the problem?

Properties infested with pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, and bed bugs can represent a risk to occupants and public health in general. Infestations can spread diseases, cause damage, and aggravate certain health conditions including asthma, eczema, and other allergies. Mental health may also be affected.

Who is responsible for dealing with the infestation?

Responsibility for dealing with infestations depends in part on:

  • Whether there is anything relevant in the tenancy agreement.
  • Whether the property was already infested when the tenant took occupation, or was caused by a structural defect or disrepair, in which case the landlord may be liable.
  • Whether the infestation may have resulted from some act or omission of the tenant, in which case the tenant may be responsible for dealing with the problem.

Where the problem poses a wider risk, local authorities may have a responsibility to act; either by requiring owners or occupiers to deal with the problem, or by dealing with it themselves in which case they may seek to recover their costs. It may not always be clear where responsibility for tackling an infestation lies and in some instances legal advice may need to be sought.

Property Management Pest Control Tips

Anyone seeking to establish who is responsible for dealing with an infestation should consider seeking specific advice from:

  • The local authority’s environmental health department; an environmental health officer may be able to identify the cause of the problem and this, in turn, will help to ascertain who is responsible for removing the infestation.
  • A certified pest control professional who can establish the chronology of the infestation, the origin, and means to resolve.
  • A lawyer, a Citizens Advice Bureau, or a housing adviser to establish whether there is anything relevant in the tenancy agreement and whether the tenant might have any right to sue the landlord and/or to end the tenancy.

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