Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU)

Due to the new guidelines that have been introduced in relation to the use of rodenticide externally, which have been produced based on a review of the use of the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs), instigated as a direct result of the European Biocidal Products Regulations, and undertaken by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), due to the risk of secondary poisoning to non- target species – such as Birds of prey.

To ensure the continued availability of rodenticides for external use, the HSE require the pest control industry to maintain a Stewardship Regime. This Stewardship Regime has been led by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).

A copy of the guide for the pest control industry has been produced, which may be downloaded from the CRRU website.

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The Impact On Pest Control

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) promotes the safe use of rodenticides to ensure that they are used correctly and in ways that minimise exposure of wildlife and other non-target animals. It promotes safe and responsible use through a Code of Practice:

• Use rodenticide baits for the minimum period that will achieve control – Most infestations can be completely controlled within 35 days.

• Use rodenticide baits for the minimum period that will achieve control – Most infestations can be completely controlled within 35 days.

• When using Rodenticide bait it is a requirement to follow the guidelines laid out on the product label

• Keep records of all treatments

• Have a site plan or location list in place for your premises, identifying the location of all external bait stations. 

• Record the quantity of bait used

• Check for and dispose of any dead rodents that are found. 

• Conduct a thorough inspection of the site to assess the current activity on site

• Highlight areas of your site that are posing a risk of ingress by foraging rodents.

• Carry out an Environmental Risk Assessment 

• Make recommendations for any improvements that are required externally, to lower the probability of rodent activity on site

What will Prokill do to comply with CRRU?

Prokill has reviewed their external baiting policy in Line with CRRU, and we have now committed ourselves to following the best practice laid out in the guidelines.

As part of this Prokill will be taking out routine inspections at our customer’s sites to ensure that we comply with the 10 points highlighted above, and undertake an Environmental risk assessment, which we will use to assess the risk to our customer’s sites. Then based on our assessments we will then employ a baiting/ monitoring strategy that best suits the specific site.

We will also ensure that our customers are aware of this and that they should observe any external rodent activity in the time frame between our site inspection, and if they do spot any then they make us aware of this as soon as possible so we can respond accordingly.

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Long-Term Baiting

Where sites are deemed as high risk, or long-term activity remains on site, Prokill may undertake a long-term baiting strategy. Under which we will comply with CRUU guidelines and the statutory elements of the product label.

During each visit, Prokill will carry out an environmental risk assessment, which may result in a re-categorisation of the site for rodent risk. In such a circumstance rodenticide bait will be exchanged for alternative control/ monitoring methods, as stated on this page.

Prokill will continue to monitor the guidelines relating to this subject and will update you with any relevant information released from CRRU.

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