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Peter's role within the Prokill team involves updating the website with fresh content, publishing engaging social media content, running PPC campaigns and monitoring the performance of the site. Ever since a young age at school, he has always been fascinated by advertising and digital marketing in general, making him eventually undergo a degree in Business Management with Marketing. He has been with the Prokill team since February 2017 and has fully enjoyed having a big involvement and the responsibility of managing the website.

Outside of work, Peter is a bit of a football nerd, and you may see him travelling up and down the country supporting his local team, the Bristol Rovers. Having a passion for travelling and trying new and great food, most recently Peter has travelled to both Thailand and the USA in 2017, not following the Bristol Rovers sadly. He has also taken out a more recent hobby/obsession which is trying out and sampling cider....


Kate is our SEO nerd. She looks after those all important words that help to bring people to our website. From those just discovering Prokill for the first time, to the equally important returning visitor, Kate will ensure that they are engaged and ultimately contact you for their pest control needs.

Kate's current obsessions include crossing that half marathon finish line in under two hours and trying to discover the ultimate keyword that will convert 100% - it is out there, just you wait and see!