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Nuneaton Pest Control

Prokill in Nuneaton offer pest control services and prevention methods covering the local area based in Atherstone, owned and managed by Adam Stevens. Being local and having worked in the Nuneaton area for many years he and his team are fully aware of the pest problems faced within the town, and can offer a fast response, and quick effective solutions to the pest problems faced nearby.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

"Prokill Pest Control conducted an extensive site visit and provided a detailed assessment of the problems present and the options available to counteract them. I was impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm and no hesitation in employing them to carry out our pest control service."

Adam Haste, Camgrain Stores Limited

Pest Control Contract Service

We offer 3 main service options, the first being reactive emergency pest control service, when you know for certain you have a pest problem and immediate treatment is required.  Our experts are on hand to provide rapid removal working in a way which provides minimal disruption to your business.

We also offer our regular service agreement contracts, PestPlus and PestAdvance and depending on your requirements we will tailor a contract to suit you.

Local Pest Control Experts in Nuneaton for your home or business

Our team understands that no two pest problems are the same and you will be supplied with a tailored solution to the specific local environment, and situation near to you. We offer a FREE Pest Control Risk Audit, which will identify any pest infestation in your home or business and recommend an appropriate solution to meet your needs.

If you believe your business or home is experiencing, or at risk, of an infestation, Prokill Pest Control in Nuneaton are nearby to help you. Whether it is rodent, cockroach, insects, pigeons or other we will have the issue covered in no time. All of our pest technicians are accredited RSPH level 2 and provide round the clock service and support.

With over 50 branches around the UK you can be assured that there is a pest control team near you, our office in Nuneaton serves the town and surrounding area and will deal with your situation quickly and effectively.

Prokill Pest Control in Nuneaton

Prokill are a reputable nationwide pest control company with local experts in and around Nuneaton providing a reliable service to businesses and homes throughout the UK. We can protect your property from pest infestations and remove unwanted visitors quickly and discreetly. With an effective combination of local knowledge and expert pest control experience, you can count on the approved methods we use and the helpful advice we provide with every service we offer.

Our Branch Manager

Branch Manager Adam Stevens has been treating homes and businesses just like yours with approved methods and expert friendly service. With a great mix of local knowledge and expert pest control ability, Adam will ensure your pest problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Prokill Pest Control in Nuneaton?

We offer a FREE survey to all customers and we will advise on the best course of action, explaining the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ throughout. We treat each customer individually – we may be dealing with pests such as mice and rats on a daily basis, but each case will be different and we tailor our pest control solutions accordingly.

1. Local Pest Control

Local and Accredited Prokill Professionals

Wherever you are in Nuneaton or the surrounding areas, we have you covered. Contact our qualified team to address your pest problems, whether you are a small home or large businesses we can tailor a control solution to meet your needs.

2. Accredited Experts

Qualified for High Quality Pest Control

Every Prokill technician has been trained through our extensive RSPH examinations and are CRB approved. Our dedicated training and support programs ensuring our teams comply with legislation giving you peace of mind you are in expert hands.

3. All Hours Service

Pest Solutions - Around the Clock Service

Our Nuneaton Pest Control technicians are on hand to provide pest control solutions to your home or business; monitoring enquiries 24/7 enables us to deal with the urgent needs of our clients whilst maintaining an excellent level of service.

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Pest Problem Services

It is vital that the right treatment is employed with the right species of insect or pest and dependent upon the environment. Our Prokill technicians can help you identify, treat and prevent future insect and pest infestations in your home or business.  Cold and wet winter weather will drive pests like mice and rats indoors seeking food and shelter. As they are nocturnal, you may not suspect them until they are firmly settled in.  With bird pest issues, identifying local bird species, behaviour, frequency and habits, enables us to select and apply the most appropriate bird proofing strategy. The density of birds that use a particular site or ‘Bird Pressure’ dictates the treatment our local experts will use. 

When it comes to bedbugs we find the the common Cimex Lectularius bedbug is the most adapted to human environments and as a result is now found throughout the world living off the blood of humans.  When we consider cockroaches, who are known to carry a large number of diseases dangerous to man, we know, if left untreated by a professional pest control technician, can have the potential to reach epidemic proportions in a very short time span. We follow and maintain a range of legislations that dictates the way in which some unwanted pest problems can be dealt with, in particular pests such as foxes, bats, rabbits and some bird species. As expected in many cases, simply killing them off is an offence and that is what we are here for.