What will keep nuisance birds away?

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What will keep nuisance birds away?

Seeing a beautiful Robin hopping around the garden can really help brighten up anyone’s day. While we actively encourage the presence of some birds, there are others we’re more inclined to avoid because they’re classed as pests and therefore in some instances we wish to get rid of birds from our gardens and workplace.


These include:


  • Feral pigeons
  • The greater and lesser black-backed gull
  • Herring gulls
  • Starlings
  • Collared doves
  • Seagulls
  • House sparrows


Although many of us see birds as being perfectly harmless, they can cause a number of problems. They’re noisy, the acid in their droppings can damage building exteriors, they can dislodge roof tiles and they leave debris from their nests in drains and gutters.


Some birds can also be aggressive towards humans when protecting their young, they carry diseases, encourage other infestations and their droppings are also unsightly and can be hazardous as they become slippery when wet. It is completely understandable to want to keep any unwanted birds under control by contacting a bird pest control service.


Day-to-day nobody wants to deal with any of the issues mentioned above so how do you keep nuisance birds away?

 Learn the signs of an infestation


It can be hard to spot the signs of a bird infestation because it’s not usual to see them flying around. Look out for the signs which indicate that you may have birds nesting around your property rather than simply passing by.


  • They’re settling on roofs or ledges
  • You hear continuous bird cries
  • Nesting materials are strewn about your premises
  • Damaged stock, from pecking and bird fouling
  • You notice droppings which are concentrated in areas where birds roost


The areas you’re most likely to find birds nesting include chimney pots, roofs (often by or near vents because they give off heat) and in the gullies of roofs.


Remove their food source


The best way to discourage birds from nesting around your property is to simply remove any potential food sources. This includes:


  • Bird feeders
  • Pet food
  • Compost bins and rubbish bins – make sure all bins are completely secured and covered so they can’t get food out of them
  • Food debris from outdoor eating areas
  • Check your roof for potential food sources
  • Ensure that rubbish hasn’t been pulled out of your bins by other animals


Install deterrents


Another great tactic for keeping nuisance bids away is to remove access to their nesting site. Usually used for pigeons, spikes and barriers over window ledges are a great deterrent for any type of bird. Netting and sloped sheathing are also great deterrents because once they’re in place, birds physically won’t be able to settle around your property.


Call a professional


The best course of action to follow when faced with any pest control problem is to call a professional. Seagulls for example are considerably more intelligent than most birds and can therefore be difficult to eliminate. They’re also a protected species so it’s important not to take matters into your own hands.


The experts here at Prokill know all the tricks of the trade and you can be rest assured that we will contain your infestation quickly, discreetly and safely. We cover a number of areas including:


  • Bird proofing and prevention
  • Bird control
  • Pigeon removal
  • Birds nesting under solar panels
  • Seagull and gull removal


To find out more, head over to our bird pest control service page. Alternatively, you can get in touch to book your free, no obligation pest audit, complete our online form or call us on 0800 328 9354.

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