Where do mice hide?

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Where do mice hide?

It’s not just us trying to escape the cold weather at this time of year. As the temperature starts to drop and food becomes increasingly scarce, mice will do their best to make their way indoors.

If you suspect that you may have an infestation but haven’t physically seen any mice, below are some of the most common places you may find them hidden.

The kitchen
This is the last place you would want to see a mouse but unfortunately it’s one of the most common thanks to the abundant food supply. Don’t expect to see one running across the countertop either, they’re more than likely going to be lurking somewhere you can’t see them.

Be sure to check behind and underneath appliances, behind the washing machine, in any gaps between the fridge, freezer and cooker and in cupboards you don’t open very often.

To minimise the chances of spotting a mouse in your kitchen, ensure you keep it clean, clear up food spillages immediately and ensure that any leftover food is securely stored away.

The loft
The loft is a great place for mice to nest because it’s quiet, they’re going to be left undisturbed and there’s more than likely going to be plenty of materials for them to chew on.

It may be tempting to leave them be if you suspect you have mice in your loft but it’s important to get the problem dealt with as soon as you can. Mice may be small but they can cause a surprising amount of damage in a short space of time. As well as your valued possessions, they’ll happily gnaw through insulation, leaving you with a cold house and an eye-watering gas bill.

Around your home 
While mice are more likely to try and hide inside at this time of year, there’s still a possibility that the may be nesting outside and simply coming into your home to get food supplies. Conduct a thorough search of barns, sheds and garages and again, get the problem seen to quickly because they will breed and eventually make their way into your home if they haven’t already.

The places you would least expect 
Mice are very opportunistic nesters and can be found in the strangest places. If you’ve noticed signs of an infestation (droppings, greasy marks on walls or skirting boards, gnaw marks, scratching noises and a strange ammonia smell) but can’t find a nest in any of the places mentioned above, you may have to get more creative with where you’re looking.

Other common places mice tend to nest include:
• Inside or beneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets
• In or behind cabinet or desk drawers
• Under furniture or even inside upholstered furniture voids
• In secluded corners of cluttered rooms, garages or attics
• Inside cardboard boxes which are being stored away
• Voids in walls or ceilings – usually near heat sources
• Inside water heater closets
• Areas where pipework or cabling enters through walls from outside

If you think that you may have a mouse infestation, please feel free to contact Prokill and we will be more than happy to help. Our accredited experts will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote. What’s more, because we have a team of local experts, you can rest assured that there won’t be any long waiting times to get an appointment.  Complete an online enquiry form or call us on 0800 328 9354.

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