What to do if you have a pigeon infestation

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What to do if you have a pigeon infestation

While many people actively encourage birds to visit their garden, the one species most of us don’t want loitering around our property is pigeons. 

These birds can unfortunately be incredibly problematic and a pigeon infestation may be more common that you would initial think, but why is this?

  • Feral pigeons can carry more detrimental diseases to humans than rats
  • They can even carry diseases which are lethal to people 
  • They’re one of the biggest causes of internal biting insect problems within homes and offices
  • Their nesting materials and droppings host numerous types of fleas, flies and store product insects
  • Pigeon faeces is highly corrosive and can therefore cause significant damage to buildings
  • Debris from flocks of pigeons can build up and cause blockages to gutters and drains which can cause flooding and roof damage 
  • Slippery bird droppings can be a trip hazard
  • Clean-up costs can be expensive 
  • Pigeons have been known to return to their nests with lit cigarettes which is a big fire hazard
  • During breeding seasons, birds can attack people if they feel the need to protect their young

What should I do if I have a pigeon infestation?

The easiest and most effective way to eradicate a pigeon infestation is to call a professional pigeon pest controller. They’re trained and experienced in removing the problem quickly and can also provide you with deterrent and proofing solutions which will prevent them returning in the future. 

It is however good practice to implement and carry out the measures below. They can prevent pigeons nesting on your building in the first place and can also help to move them along if they do decide to make themselves at home. 

Remove food sources

Pigeons will feed on nearly anything so eliminate any potential food sources from the premises. Don’t forget to check the roof as well and ensure all outdoor areas are clean and free from food scraps. 

Store rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids so that pigeons (and other pests) can’t gain access to the contents. Try to avoid feeding pets outside or if you have to, clean away their bowl as soon as they’ve finished eating. 

Use a decoy

Many buildings have spikes around window ledges, balconies and on the roof. They can be attached almost anywhere pigeons tend to roost and they’re great at discouraging them from settling because they create an un-perchable environment. 

If your roof is covered with anything reflective such as reflective tape or foil balloons, it’s highly unlikely that pigeons will settle there. 

Sloped sheathing can also be installed on flat services because it makes it physically impossible for birds to perch on a sloped surface.

Don’t make your property pigeon-friendly 

If it’s easy for pigeons to settle, they will. Check your property for pigeon-friendly places such as soffits, vents, chimneys, gutters and large gaps. Anywhere high up is an inviting place to nest and start a family because it’s safe from predators. You can use a fine mesh screen to cover these areas to prevent this from happening.  

If you have a pigeon infestation, please feel free to get in touch with Prokill.

To find out more, head over to our pigeon pest control page.  Alternatively, you can get in touch to book your free, no obligation pest audit, complete our online form or call us on 0800 328 9354.

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