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Top 10 movies about mice

While we may not want to see a mouse scurrying around our home, we have to admit they make pretty good television. With so many films featuring these furry little rodents, it appears that Hollywood thinks so too. Below we’ve listed our top 10 films about mice.

The Great Mouse Detective
Basil is the rodent equivalent of Sherlock Holmes and in this film he fends off his arch-enemy, Professor Ratigan in a bid to investigate the kidnapping of a toy-maker.

An American Tail
This film was released back in 1986 but remains a classic. It follows the story of a young Russian mouse who gets separated from his family when emigrating to America. Fievel must try to locate his family all the while trying to survive in a new country.

Stuart Little
Possibly one of the most famous mouse movies ever made, this is the story of the Little family who adopts a charming young mouse named Stuart. Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited about the new addition as the family cat tries to get rid of him.

With an impressive cast including Michael J Fox, Geena Davis and Huge Laurie, Stuart Little grossed over $300 million worldwide.

Two men are set to inherit a beautiful antique house but there’s just one problem – there’s a resident mouse who is determined to stay put.

Mousehunt was nominated for a number of awards including Best Fantasy Film and Favourite Animal Star and also won Best of Show – Audiovisual and Best Use of Computer Animation.

The Rescuers
With kids still watching it today, it’s hard to believe that The Rescuers dates back to 1977. This film sees two mice from the Rescue Aid Society search for a little girl who has been kidnapped by treasure hunters.

After being nominated for an Oscar, its sequel, The Rescuers Down Under was released in 1990. The winner of no less than six awards, it’s safe to say that this was just as much of a hit as the original.

Mickey Mouse
Who could forget the world’s most famous rodent, Mickey Mouse? One of Disney’s most beloved characters, Mickey has stared in countless television shows and films. From Fantasia and The Three Musketeers to Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas and Fun and Fancy Free, Mickey’s CV is more impressive than most of Hollywood’s.

The Three Musketeers
A fun adaptation of the original film, this version follows three of Disney’s most popular characters play out the role of the French Three Musketeers.  With five award nominations and one win, Mickey, Donald and Goofy proved to be a huge hit in this film.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Finding fame in their long-running television series, famous rivals, Tom and Jerry have to team up to save a young girl from her evil aunt in this film.

While Dumbo is of course a film about an elephant who is ridiculed because of his big ears, his best friend, Timothy is a mouse who helps him achieve his full potential. Originally released in 1941, Dumbo has been remade and is due for release next year.

Proving their loyalty once again, while Cinderella’s step family is anything but kind to her, the young girl finds friendship with Bert, Mert, Luke, Mary, Suzy and Perla – a group of mice only too happy to help her find her prince.

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