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How to stay pest-free in Bury St Edmunds

Keeping your home or business pest-free can be difficult and this is a year-round problem. While the likes of flies, ants or wasps may drive you mad during the warmer month, pests such as rodents can become problematic as they start to make their way indoors for the winter. 

If you’re sick of dealing with unwanted guests, below we share our top tips for staying pest-free in Bury St Edmunds


Clean regularly 

Anyone can get pests – regardless of how clean their property is. A messy premises certainly can escalate the problem however. The more clutter there is, the easier it is for little creatures to go unnoticed. 

It also provides valuable nesting materials and if you’re not cleaning your kitchen regularly, crumbs and other food debris act as a great food source for hungry pests. If there’s one thing we know for certain about pests, it’s that they’re unlikely to go anywhere if there’s an easy food source nearby. 


Keep outside areas clean

With autumn just around the corner, this is the time of year when leaves and branches start to fall on the ground. With a chill in the air, this provides valuable warmth to pests so it’s certainly not unusual for them to set up home in garden debris. 

As difficult as it may be to motivate yourself to brave the great outdoors when it’s cold outside, try to keep your garden clean and tidy all year round. You might not be bothered about the thought of pests as long as they stay outside but if they’re nearby, it won’t be long before they try to find ways to get inside. 


Pest-proof your property 

The best way to prevent a pest infestation is to make it as difficult as possible for pests to enter in the first place. This can be tricky because they’re clever and persistent but there are some highly effective tactics you can implement. 

  • Install screens on windows and doors so you can let in fresh air without worrying about insects flying in 
  • Seal any cracks, holes and openings in the building with steel wool or caulking. Rats and mice can squeeze through even the smallest of holes so if anything, be overly cautious when assessing what to fill and don’t forget to pay attention to window and door frames. Also check your utility vents and pipes to make sure entry can’t be gained.
  • Where sealing isn’t appropriate, you can use wire mesh to stop the likes of rodents getting inside 
  • It’s a good idea to get your roof checked every once in a while anyway but it’s also handy for pest control. Loose or missing tiles or even tiny holes in your roof can provide handy entry points for pests
  • Cut back any trees which hang over your roof. Rodents can climb trees and then jump onto your roof
  • If your external doors let in a lot of air, there’s probably enough of a gap for pests to crawl through so it’s well worth installing a door brush


Call your local pest controller 

We know we’re biased but the best thing to do if you notice you have a pest control problem is to call the experts. There are a number of home remedies you can try but none are as effective as professional methods and in the meantime, the problem can escalate. 

We have a fantastic pest control team in Bury St Edmunds who are on hand to help you when you need them. You can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands with our accredited experts who provide a local service during all hours, seven days a week. 

To book in for your free pest control audit with Prokill Bury St Edmunds, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01284 221711. You can also contact us online if you have any questions.

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