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Top 10 Signs Of Rats

Maybe you’ve noticed the odd dropping or can hear a suspicious noise coming from underneath the floorboards. Being aware of the signs of rats can help you to identify a problem quickly and with a bit of luck, prevent a full-blown infestation.

Below we have highlighted the top 10 signs that you may have rats in your home or business premises.


  1. Droppings – rat droppings are usually about 1-2cm long, are dark brown in colour and are a tapered, spindle shape
  2. Rub marks – if you notice any strange grease or dirt marks on surfaces around the home, this is a sign you could have a rat problem. These marks can often be found on skirting boards
  3. Unexplained damage – damage to food packaging, wood, plastic, cardboard or paper could be a sign that rats are trying to get into food items or gather materials for nesting
  4. Food missing – everyone in the house swears it wasn’t them yet food seems to go missing on a regular basis. While it’s unlikely that a rat is going to run off with an entire apple for example, you may notice bite marks or chunks being taken out of food items
  5. Strange noises – scratching or rustling sounds in walls or under floorboards is one of the early and more subtle signs of a rat infestation. These rodents tend to do everything they can to avoid human contact so will often wait until the house is quiet before coming out to look for food or nesting materials. If you think you can hear something but aren’t quite sure, try to keep the house as quiet as possible because this is when rats are more likely to make themselves heard
  6. Holes – brown rats are known for digging burrows so you may notice unexplained holes around your property
  7. Nests – if you notice anything that resembles a nest, this is a sure-fire sign that you have a rat infestation. Rat nests are usually made from cardboard, straw, paper or any other soft material
  8. Strange smell – rats often give off a musky smell so if there’s an unidentified odour in your home that you can’t quite identify, it could be a sign that rats are present
  9. Electrical problems – rat’s teeth continuously grow which means that they will gnaw on anything to keep them filed down. Unfortunately, electrical wires are one of the many things these rodents love to chew on so if you’ve been experiencing electrical faults recently, this may be down to a rat infestation
  10. Damaged water pipes – believe it or not, rats also love to chew on water pipes. Sometimes the damage caused by this is slow and you may only notice a small amount of water seeping into spaces within the walls. If a rat chews through a pipe which is already weak and worn out, it could burst the pipe and large amounts of water loss will occur quickly

If you think that you may have a rat infestation, get in touch with Prokill today and we will arrange your free pest audit.

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