How To Protect Your Business From Flies

Whether they’re buzzing around you when you’re trying to relax in the garden or they ruin your food by landing on it, most of us consider flies to be an absolute nuisance.

It’s not just the invasion of personal space that makes them frustrating either – flies can pose huge problems for businesses. Why exactly is this, however?

They Carry Pathogens

Flies can’t chew so in order to eat, they spit enzymes onto their (your) food to dissolve it so they can slurp it up. Not only is this enough to put you off your lunch, it also exposes you to more than 100 different pathogens including Escherichia, Shingella, and Salmonella. This puts both your staff and customers at risk of contracting a number of illnesses. Naturally, this could have a devastating impact on the reputation of your business – especially if you work in the food industry.


They Breed Like Rabbits

The sight of a couple of flies is unlikely to alarm you. In fact, you probably expect to see them in the summer months. If you do notice flies at your premises, however, it’s very important to get them removed as soon as possible.

A house fly can lay an astonishing 600 eggs in their lifetime and it takes just 10 days for these eggs to mature into adults. So while the odd fly here or there might not seem like a big problem right now, in two weeks’ time it could be a completely different story.


Fly Control Is A Legal Requirement

Fly control is a legal requirement for many commercial and industrial businesses so it’s essential to ensure you’re complying with the correct regulations.


How Can I Protect My Business From Flies?

The good news is that there are plenty of preventative measures you can employ to avoid a fly infestation.

• Ensure food is covered at all times and clear away any spillages immediately
• Keep dustbins tightly sealed so flies can’t get into them
• Keep windows closed so there’s no easy entry point. If you really want to have the windows open, considering installing screens on them. This allows you to let in some fresh air without worrying about unwanted bugs making their way in
• Install electric fly killers. These will attract and quickly capture flies to prevent contamination which is especially important for those handling food


How Prokill’s Cobra Fly Control System Can Protect Your Business

Prokill’s innovative electronic fly control system boasts a translucent cover which emits UV at a 180° angle. The dispersed UV output not only attracts more flies, it does so much faster than other similar traps. Cobra does, in fact, catch 93.2% of house flies in just three hours.

What’s more, the pests are captured and stored inside the unit, providing an incredibly discreet fly control system. Glueboard technology also ensures that insects are kept whole so there’s no risk of contamination.

If you think that you may have a fly infestation or you would like further information about the Cobra control system, please feel free to contact Prokill and we will be more than happy to help.


If you think that you might have a mouse infestation, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please feel free to give Prokill a call or contact us online and we can get you booked in for a free, no obligation pest audit.

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