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How to prevent house flies in the summer

It’s safe to say that summer has officially arrived in the UK. While the temperatures may be scorching and the days nice and long, unfortunately, with this comes the presence of flies.

Aside from being annoying, flies can spread a number of diseases including gastroenteritis, cholera, conjunctivitis, tuberculosis and diarrhoea. While the odd fly is unavoidable – especially as you’re bound to have windows open – a full-blown infestation is bad news and should be dealt with quickly by a professional fly control service.

As with anything, prevention is better than cure so below we share some great ways to prevent house flies this summer.

Remove flies’ food sources

All pests are drawn to food so be particularly vigilant during the warmer months. Store all food in tightly sealed containers, don’t leave anything out on countertops, clear away pet food as soon as they’ve finished eating, wipe up spills immediately, hoover and mop regularly and ensure all rubbish is kept in a bin with a tight-fitting lid.

If you’re prone to getting flies in your home, it may also be worth emptying your bins more regularly when it’s hot outside.

Use a fan

If there are food items you really don’t want to keep in the fridge (such as fruit), position a fan directly onto it. Flies can’t land in a crosswind so the fan will help to keep them away.

Seal entry points

If you have gaps in your window or door frames, use a sealant such as caulking to plug any holes or entry points. If you like to leave windows and doors open, it’s also worth investing in some screens so you can get fresh air without letting in hundreds of insects.

Control moisture levels

Flies need to stay hydrated to survive and they also rely on moist surfaces for almost everything they do including eating.

Humidity also makes it easier for flies to become a problem and stay active for longer, reproducing more frequently. That’s the last thing anyone wants so try to control the moisture in your home. If you have a big problem with humidity in your home, it may be worth investing in a dehumidifier.

Some great moisture sources for flies include condensation, plumbing leaks, dripping taps, drinks which have been left out and rotting fruits and vegetables.

Clean up outside

You’re probably so busy worrying about keeping the inside of your home clean that you forget about the outside. The same things that attract flies to the inside of your home attract them to the outside. It’s important not to overlook this area.

Flies are attracted to manure piles, rotting mulch, dying plants and untended compost piles. They will also seek out places where moisture accumulates such as low spots, ditches, gutters, buckets and even pavement cracks. Outdoor plumbing fixtures can also leak and attract flies so keep an eye on taps, hoses and sprinklers to ensure they’re not leaking.

For some more great tips for preventing house flies in the summer, get in touch with Prokill. We can book you in for a free pest control audit, either via our online form or call us on 0800 328 9354.

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