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Professional Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Bristol

As the most populous cities in the South West after the capital, Bristol is a thriving commercial and residential hub which keeps our local team busy. With a number of residential and commercial customers throughout the city, we work with pests and properties of all different shapes and sizes.

Lead by Branch Manager Roy Hawkes, the Prokill  pest control team in Bristol combine highly accredited pest control experience and local knowledge to provide your home or business with leading pest control solutions. We use only licensed products to ensure you can have complete trust in our recommendations, advice and methods on your property.

By booking a FREE Prokill Pest Control Audit, we will be able to assess the size and type of pest infestation in your home or business and highlight the areas where you are vulnerable to future pest problems. From there we can make tailored recommendations on the appropriate treatment specific to your property as well as provide helpful advice and prevention tips along the way.

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Commercial & Residential Pest Control

Expert Pest Control Services for Homes in and around Bristol

Across the city, homes range from Grade 1 listed, historic buildings to modern and contemporary construction. Through different sizes and ages, Prokill treats each home individually, factoring in its size and features to ensure an effective and rapid solution to pest problems on the property.

For homeowners, landlords and tenants in Bristol, our technicians are available all day everyday, 24 hours, 7 days a week. This ensures we can respond to and often treat pest problems promptly. This type of responsiveness means that when our residential customers call us with a pest emergency, we can act quickly to stop the problem evolving and eliminate what can be a distressing problem.

Through a FREE Prokill Pest Control Audit, you can trust our team to find and identify the source of pest problems in your home and provide you with tailored solutions to quickly resolve pest problems. Along the way, our team will walk you through the measures we are taking in your home and provide you with helpful advice to manage future risks.

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Professional Pest Control services for Businesses in Bristol

The importance of pest control in businesses isn’t after you see the rat, it’s before. Don’t risk the opportunity for a customer to stumble upon a pest problem on your premises. While pests can easily cause damage to stock and equipment, it will be the damage to your reputation that will be the hardest to repair.

The Prokill Pest Control team in Bristol are experienced in helping businesses across the city navigate relevant legislation and helping to ensure that through a comprehensive prevention plan, retail outlets, food handling businesses and industrial facilities, to name a few, meet these areas of compliance.

Through a structured Prokill contract plan, we can compose a tailored prevention and management plan for pest control on your property.

Our commercial customers in the area enjoy round the clock service, 7 days a week to ensure that should you spot the signs of pests, we are always on hand to deal with it.

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Recent Local Reviews

Prokill came and solved my Rat problem quickly and effectively. Technician was really nice guy.
John Doe

Contact your local Prokill Pest Control technician online or call us on 01249 447448

Why Choose Prokill Pest Control Bristol?

We offer a FREE Pest Control survey to all customers and we will advise on the best course of action, explaining the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ throughout by one of Prokill’s expert pest control technicians. We treat each customer individually – we may be dealing with pests such as mice and rats on a daily basis, but each case will be different and we tailor our pest control solutions accordingly.

Local to You

Wherever you are in the Bristol area, we have you covered.

Local and Accredited Prokill Professionals

Contact our qualified Bristol Pest Control team to address your pest problems, weather you are a small home or large businesses, we can tailor a control solution to your needs.

Accredited Experts

Every Prokill technician has been trained through our extensive RSPH examinations.

Qualified for High Quality Pest Control

Through our dedicated training and support programs, we ensure that our pest control technicians comply with legislation, giving you peace of mind that your in the hands of experts.

All Hours Service

Our Prokill customers enjoy local service at all hours, seven days a week..

Pest Solutions on hand 24 / 7

Whether it’s in the early morning hours or late in the evening, our Bristol Pest Control technicians are on hand to provide pest control solutions to your home or business.

Pest Problems in the Bristol area

Rodents to watch out for this season

Cold and wet winter weather drives pests like mice and rats indoors seeking food and shelter. As they are nocturnal, you may not suspect them until they are settled in.

Get Rid of Rodents


Identifying local bird species, behavior, frequency and habits, we can select and apply the most appropriate bird proofing strategy. The density of birds that use a particular site or ‘Bird Pressure’ dictates the treatment our local pest control experts will use.

Get Rid of Birds

Bed Bugs

The common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is the best adapted to human environments. It is now found throughout the world and lives off the blood of humans. Find out how bed bugs can be identified, treated and prevented here.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Wildlife Control

A range of legislation dictates the way in which some unwanted pest problems such as foxes, bats, rabbits and some bird species can be dealt with. In many cases simply killing them off is an offence – Contact the Experts!

Expert Wildlife Control


Cockroaches are known to carry a large number of diseases, dangerous to man, and if left untreated by a professional pest control technician, have the potential to reach epidemic proportions in a very short time span.

Get Rid of Cockroaches

Insects to watch out for this season

It is vital that the right treatment is employed with the right species of insect and suited to the environment. Prokill technicians can help you identify, treat and prevent future insect infestations in your home or business.

Get Rid of Insects