We’re the leading environmentally friendly pest control providers in the UK for a reason – because we’re able to provide you with reliable and effective solutions to combat rodents, birds, insects and any other pests causing you trouble.

What you’ll enjoy with our Pest+ service:

Our Pest+ service is the ideal solution for commercial properties and low dependency commercial areas. Investing in the Pest+ plan means that our technicians will always be on hand to contain, control and remove any pests within your premises. This means that we’ll also perform regular checks on lures or netting we’ve placed on your premises, so you can be sure that your property is safe from any nasty pests.

Here are the steps we take to provide you with a reliable service:

This will give us the perfect starting point to decide which course of action we can take.
We’ll check every inch of your premises, whether it’s residential or business, and find out how wide-ranging your infestation is.
Our aim is to cause you minimal disruption, which is why we’ll do our best to get rid of pests without taking up too much of your time. This isn’t possible with larger scale operations, but we’ll always try.

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Get in touch with the experts to enjoy the Pest+ benefits:

  • Professional fully equipped vehicles for pest prevention and control
  • Initial risk assessment and a FREE Pest Control Risk Survey
  • Tamper resistant safe pest baiting
  • Each visit is followed by a report detailing the pest control services that were undertaken
  • Ongoing recommendations for housekeeping and proofing
  • Report folder including all contact information and materials used onsite
  • Matrix Plan of site for all bait, detector and controls locations
  • Free call-outs as backup on pests covered under agreement

Commercial & Residential Pest Control

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