Does one mouse mean an infestation?

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Does one mouse mean an infestation?

Once you’ve got over the initial panic of seeing a mouse scurrying around your home or office, you’re probably going to start wondering how many more of them are lurking around. 

Does just one mouse mean you have an infestation and how do you know if there are more hiding somewhere? Below we answer these questions and explain what to do if you think you have a mouse infestation. 


Does one mouse mean an infestation?

One or two mice in your property doesn’t necessarily mean you have an infestation. They could have just come inside in search of food or shelter, especially during the colder months. 

The problem is however, when food supplies become increasingly scarce outside and the temperature drops rapidly, any mouse or mice that have found their way in, are highly unlikely to leave. This means that even just one or two of these furry critters could quickly escalate into a full blown infestation. 

A lone female mouse is especially likely to try and find a safe place to shelter with an easy food supply if she’s pregnant. Females can produce anything from five to twelve babies in one litter and mice can start breeding from just eight weeks old. So as you can imagine, one mouse can turn into many mice in a very short space of time. 


How do I find out if I have more than one mouse?

Mice like to keep well hidden, especially during the day when we’re more likely to be active. They’re nocturnal and have poor vision which is why they generally like to hide and avoid predators during daylight.

You’re actually very unlikely to see a mouse so if you do see one during the day in a busy part of your home, there’s a possibility that there’s more than one roaming around.  

Other signs you have more than one mouse include:

  • A single mouse which has been in your property for a short time will usually only leave a small trail of droppings. If you notice a lot of droppings, that mouse has either been there for a long time or you have more than one. Even if you have just the one mouse, if it has set up camp in your home, it’s probably pregnant or has recently had babies which means their numbers will soon multiply
  • Mice are most active in the evening so take this time to listen out for any signs of activity. They’re often heard making scratching noises in walls or the ceiling if they’re in the attic. A faint sound may indicate there’s just one mouse but if the noise is quite loud, you probably have more than one

Even if you suspect you just have one mouse, it’s important to get the problem dealt with as quickly as possible. Aside from the fact that rodent numbers can escalate very quickly, mice have been known to chew through electrical wiring and cause fires. 

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