Nearly 2,000 pest infestation reports made in Solihull over the last year

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Nearly 2,000 pest infestation reports made in Solihull over the last year

Data released by the borough’s pest control team has revealed that Solihull has fallen victim to nearly 2,000 cases of pest infestations over the last 12 months. What’s more, this number doesn’t include the calls received by other local pest control companies including Prokill Solihull, so the actual number is likely to be significantly higher. 

Of the 1,800 calls the borough’s team received, a whopping 858 of them were regarding rats – accounting for nearly half of all appointments. Sadly, rodents are likely to become an even bigger problem over the coming months with winter drawing in. Although rats aren’t seasonal, we’re more likely to see them in homes and businesses as the temperature drops because they come in looking for food and shelter. 

Other common winter pests include:

  • Mice (who will enter your home for similar reasons to rats – food and shelter)
  • Squirrels (frequently use chimneys and attics for nesting. Please note you’re not allowed to catch squirrels yourself in the UK)
  • Flies and cockroaches also enter buildings in search of food and warmth
  • Wasps and hornets (may be hibernating somewhere in your home or office)

Second on the council’s list were wasps and hornets which received a total of 558 call-outs. Mice were third (222) and although they may look cute and fluffy, squirrels posed a problem for 88 local residents. 

Among the less problematic pests included ants (9), bedbugs (22), fleas (14), cluster flies (9) and beetles, cockroaches, harlequin ladybirds and moles which all received fewer than five calls each.  

Worryingly, earlier this year concerns were raised after it took the council six months to deal with a rat infestation. While this is likely due to a mishap or a struggle to cope with the increasing demand for pest control services in the area, it’s important to deal with any pest control issue as quickly as possible. 

Rats in particular can cause significant structural damage to properties and because of their tendency to chew through electrical wiring, they’re also a serious fire hazard. All pests can be a risk to our health and the integrity of our homes or offices and infestations can get out of hand very quickly.  

Prokill Solihull has a fantastic team of local pest controllers available around the clock. We pride ourselves on the fact that all our technicians have been trained through our extensive RSPH exams and we will only ever dispatch a local expert to you because they know the area and the types of problems you are likely to be facing. 

We treat all types of infestations including insects, birds, rodents and other wildlife including foxes, moles, rabbits and squirrels. We do so much more than simply remove the current problem however. We also implement and educate our customers about prevention techniques which means that you never have to worry about recurring infestations. 

If you would like to book your free, no obligation pest control audit in Birmingham, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prokill today on 0121 249 5258. You can also contact us online if you have any questions or would like to book a free pest control audit.

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