How do mice get in our homes?

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How do mice get in our homes?

Whether you love, loathe or are indifferent to them, most people would agree that they don’t want to find a mouse in their home. The best way to avoid this situation is to educate yourself about how mice most commonly get into a house so you know how to protect your property.

Mice are very resourceful which means that they often find a number of ways of sneaking into your home. Not only do they find potential entry points through their sense of sight and touch, they can also feel the smallest warm draft which means that they can identify weaknesses in the structure of your property that you probably didn’t even know about.
Common entry points include:

• Cracks and holes found in walls, floors and the foundation of your home. Mice can fit through a space as small as the diameter of your little finger so not matter how little the hole is, it could still act as a potential entry point• Gaps in windows and ceilings
• Sewer lines
• If drainage pipes aren’t properly sealed, mice can get in through sink and bathtub drains
• Entry holes around plumbing and oven gas lines
• Sills and ledges on windows and doors
• Fence railings
• Eaves
• Roof vents, air conditioning and heating units
• If you have tree branches overhanging your home, they can jump off and gain access through the roof
• Open windows – unbeknown to many, mice can climb walls very effectively so if you leave ground-floor windows open, there’s a chance they can get into your home this way

How to prevent mice getting into your home
Start by conducting a thorough search around the property to identify any potential entry points. Anything from decaying building materials and branches to pipes and logs could be acting as pathways.

As we mentioned above, remember to keep an eye out for even tiny holes especially around pipes and fixtures. If you do identify any, you can fill them with cement, caulk, plaster or cover them with steel wool or sheet metal.

If the frames around your windows and doors are poorly sealed, by some sealant to fill the gaps. Not only will this keep mice out of your home, it will also help to keep your home nice and warm during the winter months.

Another great tip is to make your home as unwelcoming as possible to rodents. Eliminate anything they could possibly nest in, keep the grass and hedges neatly trimmed, get rid of any debris laying around, make sure there’s no rubbish left out, remove potential hiding spots such as compost and piles of wood and remove any food or water sources because this is the main thing that’s going to attract them in the first place.

If you suspect you have an infestation, avoid feeding pets outside, remove bird feeders and any other items that may collect water such as wheelbarrows and empty plant pots.

If you need help identifying or eliminating a rodent infestation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prokill and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

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