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What it means to be a Prokill customer

Prokill has been assisting home owners, landlords and businesses for well over a decade now. What exactly does it mean to be a Prokill customer however and what can you expect from our services?

What we do
Whether you’re faced with a rat, fly, pigeon, bed bug, mouse or ant infestation, Prokill offers discreet and effective professional pest control solutions.

All of our technicians are qualified to BPCA standard and are trained to use the latest technology when it comes to pest control. We only use approved methods and strictly adhere to CRRU guidelines.

The services we offer
Here at Prokill, we offer three main service options. These include:

Reactive Emergency Pest Control Services

When you know for certain you have a pest problem and immediate treatment is required, our experts are on hand to provide rapid removal. We aim to work in a way which provides minimal disruption, especially to those running a business. You can also be rest assured that all of the pest control services we provide are insured.

Our Pest+ service is well suited to large residential properties and low dependency commercial areas. As well as ensuring that help is on hand should an outbreak occur, we also work with you to create prevention strategies.

Just a few of the benefits you get with our Pest+ service include:
• An initial risk assessment and a free pest control risk survey
• Tamper resistant safe pest baiting
• With each visit you get from us, we will provide a report detailing the pest control services that were undertaken
• Ongoing recommendations for housekeeping and proofing
• Free call-outs for pests covered under your agreement


PestAdvanced is our most detailed service specification and is ideal for businesses within the food or pharmaceutical industries. We can tailor this service to suit your audit requirements and provide detailed documentation to ensure that you’re covered.

What’s more, we also ensure that you’re compliant with current legislation and regulatory bodies as well as constantly changing audit requirements.

The benefits you get with PestAdvanced include:
• Risk assessments
• Baiting and detection points are dated on inspections
• Insect count analysis
• Annual reviews by a dedicated account manager
• Field biologist visits
• Detailed reports
• Detailed site plans and fixed date visits

Can you help me?
Pests can present themselves in a number of situations and we’re well equipped to deal with all sorts of scenarios including:

• Visiting your home regardless of whether you own the property or are renting
• Working with property management companies who require reliable pest control services across their portfolio of properties
• Making prompt call-outs to businesses who need pest infestations eradicated quickly and discreetly
• Prevention contracts where measures are put in place to prevent outbreaks occurring in the first place. We work with a number of industries including local manufacturing, warehousing, food production and more

If you’re facing a pest problem which hasn’t been mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

How do we get started?
The first step is to book in for your free pest control audit and quote. Should you wish to proceed, we will recommend one, or a combination of our services moving forward. This will be tailored to your needs depending on your requirements and the property risk evaluation.

To book in for your free pest control audit today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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