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How to: prevent an ant infestation

Ants can easily create colonies around your home, sometimes making nests under your floorboards or in your walls.

No one wants ants scurrying over their morning toast, so how can you prevent an infestation before it starts?

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To stop ants invading your home, try these measures:

  • Seal off access points – check the exterior of your house for any cracks or crevices which may act as easy ways for ants to enter your home, then block them off using a silicone solution.
  • Avoid damp under your floorboards – damp can attract ants, so ensure that all water sources (leaky pipes, faulty drains) are working properly and not leaking.
  • Keep your house clean – that means no crumbs on kitchen worktops or on the floor, and regular skooshes of antibacterial spray on work surfaces.
  • Don’t make food easily accessible – all food (including pet food) should be locked in airtight containers and not stored in paper bags. This will also avoid attracting other pests like rats.
  • Get in touch with professionals – to ensure your home is free of ants, or to get rid of an infestation you’ve found, get in touch with us. We’re fully qualified in removing pests from your home and are happy to help.

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Our methods will get rid of ants simply and efficiently, and ensure that they don’t return.

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