How To Prevent Rodents

Homes and offices are common targets for rodent infestations because they’re warm, it’s easy to find somewhere to hide and there are plenty of food sources around.

If you find yourself falling victim to an invasion year-after-year, it’s more than likely because you’re falling into the common trap of simply dealing with the problem when it arises. If you don’t want to share your home or business premises with rats and mice, the best way to avoid this is to work all year round to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place.

This is also important because new guidelines introduced by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) means that pest control companies can no longer leave bait externally around buildings on a permanent basis.


Securing your property against rodents

Rodents are crafty but there are a number of things you can do to protect your property. If you suspect you may already have an infestation, please contact us because these creatures very rarely leave on their own accord.


Check for entry points

Inspect the foundation all around the building. Any crack, gap or hole that’s even just a quarter of an inch or bigger is enough for rodents to squeeze into. If you notice holes, fill them in don’t forget to check your doors and windows too.

Pipes that run vertically up the building can also be used as a direct pathway to gain access. To prevent this, you can paint a 12” band around the pipe at least 3 feet from the ground using high gloss clear paint – this will stop rodents from climbing. Alternatively, you can place circular metal rodent guards around the pipe.


Inspect your garden

Believe it or not, your garden could be making it incredibly easy for rodents to get into your property. Tree branches that hang over the building should be cut back so that they can’t be used as a pathway to gain entry (this is often how creatures get onto the roof).

Also, make sure you keep grass short and trim the bottom of hedges or bushes to eliminate rodent harbourage areas.


Check your roof

The roof is often a neglected area when we’re thinking about rodent prevention because we assume that they can’t get up that high. As we mentioned above however, trees make it very easy for these creatures to gain access to almost any part of a building and brick or stone buildings are actually very easy for rats to climb.

When you’re inspecting your roof, check shingles, ventilators and vent screens to ensure they’re secure and undamaged. If you have a chimney, see if it’s capped to prevent animal entry.


Remove food sources

When rodents enter buildings it’s because they’re looking for food and shelter. One of the best ways to avoid an infestation is to make it as difficult as possible for rats and mice to get to any potential food sources.

  • Keep rubbish in containers with tight-fitting lids – both inside and outside
  • Turn compost piles to cover newly added food scraps
  • If you provide food for birds, only feed them huskless items which leave less residue
  • Keep opened food items in thick plastic containers with tight lids
  • Clean up spilled food immediately and wash dishes soon after use
  • Put pet food away after use and don’t leave food or water bowls outside overnight


For more information about Prokill’s rodent proofing services, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to advise.

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