Get Rid of Rats and Mice

Prokill is your number one choice for effective, local rodent control in Swindon, Oxford, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Expert Rat Control Service in Swindon, Oxford, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

The Prokill team specialise in identifying the key causes behind any rat infestation. Simply throwing baits in and around your home or business is of little long term value. Our approach is to truly identify the means by which rats enter you environment and eliminate it a source.

Many infestations are attributable to drain defects and without CCTV Drain Survey equipment Pest Control companies do not have the tools to gain a real insight into subterranean drain issues. The good news is that Prokill carry advanced CCTV Drain Cameras that allow us to look up to 40M into your drains. Our approach is forensic in nature and, allied to our technology delivers an unbeatable professional service.

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Expert Mice Control

Choose Prokill for fast effective, local rodent control in Swindon, Oxford, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Expert Local Mouse Control for Homes and Businesses.

Mice in your home or business is not a good thing! Unlike their bigger relative the Rat, mice are incontinent and as they go about their nocturnal activities they will defecate on most of the surfaces and pathways they use. This can prevent significant risk for the home or business owner as mice can be a carrier of Salmonella, Hantavirus and Lyme Disease.

Small in size and with a total body length of between 3 and 10cm, the House Mouse is a rodent pest that has been known to cause domestic and commercial damages by chewing through electrical cables, food stuffs, packaging, raw materials and boxed goods, and contaminate food or food preparation surfaces spreading disease, and actually breeding wherever they populate. Although they mainly consume grains, oats and corn, mice are known to feed on virtually any available source of food. Mice are great climbers, adept jumpers and are capable of fitting through openings much smaller than their own bodies.

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