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Next Steps to Owning a Franchise

The following is a guide to help you understand the process that we will work through in order to ensure that both parties can reach a decision as to whether Prokill Pest Control is the right franchise for you.  As a responsible Franchisor we will, throughout the process, be checking that you are a suitable candidate to take on a Prokill Pest Control Franchise.

Getting In Contact

Once you have completed your research and had a look through the information on our website you can contact us online so we can send you a copy of our prospectus.  The prospectus gives you a bit more detail about the franchise opportunity and should help you make a decision as to whether or not you would like to take your enquiry any further.  We have outlined below a brief insight to the process we follow once you’ve got in touch.

First Week

We will aim to carry out a face to face video meeting, this will take the form of an initial interview for both parties to ask any questions that they may have. We feel this initial meeting helps to give you the opportunity to further explore what owning a Prokill franchise is really all about.

Within 2 weeks

After the initial meeting we will send you a link to a psychometric test for you to complete, this will help us to further evaluate your application and will highlight any areas that we may need to focus on in terms of training and support.

Within 4 weeks

Once all parties are happy with the outcome of the initial stages, we will invite you to meet with us at our head office or training centre. At this time you can expect to sign a non-disclosure document in order for us to continue the process. This will give us all the opportunity to discuss owning a franchise in more detail and give you a better insight into what benefits are provided.

Final Steps

Should you be successful after the first month and both parties be happy to move forwards, we will invite you to spend a day with one of our existing franchisees. This is where you will have the opportunity to see for yourself our method and approach to our market place, it will also give you a chance to ask a current franchisee any questions so you can gain a better idea as to whether a Prokill franchise is for you.

After the first month, will set you a challenge to find out more about Prokill Pest Control, and whether or not our business and franchising is of interest to you. One of these tasks will be to attend a British Franchise Association Course - Prospect Franchisee Certificate.

After 8 weeks

At this stage we would invite you back for an informal discussion, to go over any concerns either party may have, or answer any questions that may have arisen from over the past 2 stages. We will also look to undertake a preliminary allocation of territory for you, to ensure that the area you wish for is available and temporarily reserved. We recommend that you approach a solicitor who is experienced in franchise agreements to review and advise you on our legal agreement. We will of course answer any questions that he may have, allowing you to decide if Prokill is right for you.

Once we have all decided that Prokill is the future for you - we will invite you in for a final meeting with our MD, We ask that you sign your legal agreement and pay a non-returnable deposit for 50% of the franchise fee (£12,500 + vat). At this time we confirm the availability and location of your territory and this is reserved for you exclusively subject to your completion. Once all of this has been completed we will confirm a start date with you for your training, and your Prokill Journey can begin.