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Environmentally friendly insect pest control

With summer just a few short months away, it means that before long we’re going to be greeted with the familiar sight of insects crawling around the garden, over our picnics and even across the kitchen counter.


While insects play an important role in our environment, nobody wants to face an insect problem or infestation. Aside from being incredibly bad for business, bugs taking over the place can cause damage to your property, pose health risks and even attract other pests.


If you do notice an insect infestation, it’s important to get the problem seen to as quickly as possible (in some cases, breeding can occur very quickly). It is however also very important to ensure that the pest control methods you use, or employ someone else to use, are environmentally friendly.


Prokill is one of the leading environmentally friendly insect pest control companies in the UK and Ireland. Our responsible environmental objectives are key to our development and this is a core focus when it comes to training our staff.


In all areas of the business, we have environmental targets in place. These include the use of bespoke web-based administration and documentation systems to minimise printing costs as well as providing uniformity across the group, allowing for real-time access.


We are also very proud to comply with CRRU guidelines. While this affects rodents rather than insects, compliance with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use is an important part of Prokill’s environmental policy.


The campaign promotes the safe use of rodenticides, ensures that chemicals are used correctly and teaches users to minimise exposure to wildlife and other non-target animals which are accidentally being exposed to these products.


Prokill has created a Biocidal Product Regulation Policy to ensure that we’re complying with the new guidance. This also helps us to ensure that we remain compliant with other current legislation while continuing to provide our customers with a service that meets their requirements.

You can find out more about Prokill and CRRU here.



The importance of environmentally friendly pest control


Pesticides can present acute dangers to humans and other non-targeted living organisms and can also have devastating environmental effects including:


  • Polluting the air, water and soil
  • Killing plants and other wildlife
  • Causing health problems associated with over-exposure to chemicals. Some of the common chemicals in pesticides are methoxychlor, vinclozolin and phosphates. These have been linked to cancer, respiratory problems and neurological damage. Children and infants are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticides
  • Killing microorganisms that would be have been beneficial to soil health


One of the major reasons to use eco-friendly pest control is because of the carbon footprint you’re creating by using other methods. Artificial products or those which aren’t organic, are more harmful to users and the environment than they are to the pests you’re targeting. Eco-friendly products create far fewer greenhouse gases which go into the atmosphere.


What’s more, eco-friendly methods maintain the natural food chain as opposed to chemical ones which disrupt it.


To find out more about the environmentally friendly pest control methods we use at Prokill, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.






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