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Nearly 2,000 pest infestation reports made in Solihull over the last year

Data released by the borough’s pest control team has revealed that Solihull has fallen victim to nearly 2,000 cases of pest infestations over the last 12 months. What’s more, this number doesn’t include the calls received by other local pest control companies including Prokill Solihull, so the actual number is likely to be significantly higher.  [...]

Commercial pest control in Coventry

The last thing any business wants to face is a pest infestation. As well as being unsightly and unpleasant, pests can pose health risks to employees and customers, damage your building, ruin your reputation and even see you being shut down.  When it comes to commercial pest control in Coventry, Prokill has you covered. On [...]

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Prokill steps in after East Herts council axes pest control service

Despite concerns about the impact it could have on public health, last year East Herts District Council (EHDC) announced that they would be axing its pest control unit.  The decision was made after the council suffered losses and was then dealt a further blow after government funding was cut. Speaking about the decision, a Hertfordshire [...]

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What to do when you have a problem with cockroaches in the workplace

Nobody wants to face a cockroach infestation. This is especially the case if you’re running a business thanks to the damage cockroaches can cause. Cockroaches can very easily damage your reputation (probably beyond repair if you’re a food manufacturer, restaurant, hotel or café). What’s more, they can also make customers and employees sick (cockroaches are [...]

How to get rid of cockroaches

Although cockroach infestations aren’t as common as they are in some countries, the UK is home to three common cockroach species. In the right conditions, cockroaches can make their way into homes, restaurants and commercial and industrial premises. Often associated with dirty places, this isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, dirt equals food and plenty of [...]

What to do about ants in the house

Ant infestations are common in the UK and we’re especially likely to see ants in our homes and gardens during the summer months. If you have ever seen an ants' nest, you will be well aware that these little insects don’t gather in small numbers. While colony sizes can vary hugely depending on the species, you [...]