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When are wasps most active?

Like many insects, wasps are seasonal creatures with their queen emerging from hibernation in spring.  The first thing they’ll do is find somewhere to nest. Wasps mainly nest in: Lofts Fascias and guttering Air bricks Sheds Garages  Outbuildings  Although it’s more uncommon, you may also find wasps nesting in: Tree stumps and bark Bushes Holes [...]

How do I know if I have fleas or bed bugs?

Thanks to the warm and humid summers we’ve been experiencing in the UK, pest experts are warning that homes and offices are at much bigger risk of suffering a problem with fleas and bed bug infestations. While you may think that your clean home is safe from these pesky intruders, unfortunately this isn’t necessarily the [...]

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What are the best ways to get rid of rats?

Last year, the British Pest Control Association warned that rat numbers have increased to an estimated 200 million. Any pest control service provider will tell you that it is a phenomenal stat.   If these numbers aren’t scary enough, experts also say that as these rodents are living in ever-closer proximity to humans, they’re becoming [...]

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What it means to be a Prokill customer

Prokill has been assisting home owners, landlords and businesses for well over a decade now. What exactly does it mean to be a Prokill customer however and what can you expect from our services? What we do Whether you’re faced with a rat, fly, pigeon, bed bug, mouse or ant infestation, Prokill offers discreet and [...]

CRRU and its Impact on Pest Control

While demands for effective rodent control are higher than ever, concerns have been raised about the effect this is having on innocent wildlife. As a result of this, the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) was introduced a few years back. The campaign promotes the safe use of rodenticides, ensures that chemicals are used correctly [...]

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Are squirrels considered household pests?

Most of us don’t mind squirrels. Some of us even deliberately leave nuts out to attract these furry little creatures but did you know that they’re actually classified a household pest? This will come as a surprise to many because aside from being cute, squirrels very rarely pose a health threat to humans. So why [...]

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