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Why do you have wasps in your loft but no nest?

One of the most common places for wasps to build their nests is in roof spaces. They’re often found in attics, along the gutter line and even under roof tiles.  It can however be confusing when you’ve noticed wasps in the loft or coming from that area but can’t locate a nest. This is actually [...]

When are wasps most active?

Like many insects, wasps are seasonal creatures with their queen emerging from hibernation in spring.  The first thing they’ll do is find somewhere to nest. Wasps mainly nest in: Lofts Fascias and guttering Air bricks Sheds Garages  Outbuildings  Although it’s more uncommon, you may also find wasps nesting in: Tree stumps and bark Bushes Holes [...]

What to do if you have a pigeon infestation

While many people actively encourage birds to visit their garden, the one species most of us don’t want loitering around our property is pigeons.  These birds can unfortunately be incredibly problematic and a pigeon infestation may be more common that you would initial think, but why is this? Feral pigeons can carry more detrimental diseases [...]

How do I know if I have fleas or bed bugs?

Thanks to the warm and humid summers we’ve been experiencing in the UK, pest experts are warning that homes and offices are at much bigger risk of suffering a problem with fleas and bed bug infestations. While you may think that your clean home is safe from these pesky intruders, unfortunately this isn’t necessarily the [...]

Are fleas attracted to heat or light?

Upon emerging from their cocoon, fleas will immediately seek a blood meal. They must do this within a week otherwise they risk dying of starvation. When looking for food, there are a number of factors which can help a flea detect a suitable host but they are primarily attracted to visual and thermal stimuli. In [...]