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Most common household pests in the UK by region

Home interior specialists, Hillarys conducted some research earlier this year to identify the most common household pests in the UK by region. Below we list which unwelcome guests you’re most likely to see depending where you live.    Northern Ireland Rats were found to be the most common pest problem in Northern Ireland. As autumn [...]

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Does one mouse mean an infestation?

Once you’ve got over the initial panic of seeing a mouse scurrying around your home or office, you’re probably going to start wondering how many more of them are lurking around.  Does just one mouse mean you have an infestation and how do you know if there are more hiding somewhere? Below we answer these [...]

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Commercial pest control in Uxbridge

Often ranked one of the best cities in the world, it’s no wonder millions of us flock to London every year. Unfortunately, with so many people walking the streets every day, it’s heaven for pests who get an easy life living off our litter and food debris.  With capital cities like London prone to suffering [...]

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Bristol City Council to increase price of its pest control services

In August, Bristol City Council announced that they will be increasing the price of their pest control services to local residents.  Fees are set to increase by a whopping 86% so that the council’s service can break even and be run as a commercial business moving forward. The changes will also affect those on benefits [...]

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How do you get rid of mice at work?

The last thing any business wants to face is a rodent infestation. As well as being incredibly unsettling for your employees, if word gets out, it could also be disastrous to your reputation.  Whether you’re running an office for your staff or your business is customer focused (such as a shop or restaurant for example), [...]

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The importance of ongoing pest control for your business

From managing staff and keeping on top of your finances to executing your latest marketing campaign and ensuring you’re complying with the latest industry regulations, running a business certainly keeps you busy. While we’re all familiar with the everyday aspects of running a business, something people often forget about is pest control. More often than [...]

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