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What problems do pigeons cause?

With an estimated 18 million pigeons in the UK, it certainly isn’t unusual to encounter flocks of them. While some people are pretty indifferent towards pigeons, there’s a reason why these birds are classified as pests.  Below we share some of the problems pigeons cause and why it’s important to deal with infestations as soon [...]

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Your local pest control team in Cambridge

When it comes to pest control in Cambridge, we understand that you need a company you can rely on.  Whether you’re a home owner or a business, pests can be a sensitive issue. Firstly, you need the peace of mind that the problem is going to be fixed quickly and effectively. Secondly, discretion is important [...]

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What causes rats to come into your house?

Rat infestations aren’t just scary, they can also cause a lot of damage. From chewing through walls, furniture and electrical wires to passing on diseases and eating your food supplies, it’s surprising how much trouble these small pests can cause, do you think you may have the beginnings of a rat problem in your home [...]

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How to stay pest-free in Bury St Edmunds

Keeping your home or business pest-free can be difficult and this is a year-round problem. While the likes of flies, ants or wasps may drive you mad during the warmer month, pests such as rodents can become problematic as they start to make their way indoors for the winter.  If you’re sick of dealing with [...]

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Everything you need to know about bird netting and spikes

While many of us deliberately attract birds to our gardens with feeders and baths, there are some we’d rather avoid. The likes of gulls and pigeons are classified as pests and there’s good reason for this.   Their droppings can be a slip hazard, look unsightly and damage buildings They can become aggressive towards humans [...]

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Why choose a local pest controller? Prokill Chelmsford.

Upon discovering you have an infestation of bed bugs, rats, flies or something equally unpleasant, you’re likely to call the first company that comes up in Google. Acting fast is indeed the correct response but why are you better off choosing a local pest controller? Which is why we have a dedicated team of pest [...]

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The importance of ongoing pest control for Tamworth businesses

From recruitment and managing employees to attracting new customers and paying the bills, businesses have enough to worry about without pests being one of them which is why we have a team of dedicated pest controllers in Tamworth.  Pest control issues can plague all types of businesses. The food industry typically attracts rodents for example [...]

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Nearly 2,000 pest infestation reports made in Solihull over the last year

Data released by the borough’s pest control team has revealed that Solihull has fallen victim to nearly 2,000 cases of pest infestations over the last 12 months. What’s more, this number doesn’t include the calls received by other local pest control companies including Prokill Solihull, so the actual number is likely to be significantly higher.  [...]