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What will keep nuisance birds away?

Seeing a beautiful Robin hopping around the garden can really help brighten up anyone’s day. While we actively encourage the presence of some birds, there are others we’re more inclined to avoid because they’re classed as pests and therefore in some instances we wish to get rid of birds from our gardens and workplace.   [...]

What time of year do cluster flies appear?

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s inevitable that we’re going to see more flies. Even though they’re a complete nuisance and we don’t want them near our food, most of us aren’t that bothered about the presence of the odd one or two.   Cluster flies on the other hand can be a [...]

What are the best ways to get rid of rats?

Last year, the British Pest Control Association warned that rat numbers have increased to an estimated 200 million. Any pest control service provider will tell you that it is a phenomenal stat.   If these numbers aren’t scary enough, experts also say that as these rodents are living in ever-closer proximity to humans, they’re becoming [...]

How common are cockroaches in the UK?

We may associate cockroaches with scorching temperatures and tropical holiday destinations but believe it or not, we do get them here in the UK.   We even have a couple species which are native to the UK so although you probably are less likely to see them here, there are certain behaviours which can encourage [...]

Environmentally friendly insect pest control

With summer just a few short months away, it means that before long we’re going to be greeted with the familiar sight of insects crawling around the garden, over our picnics and even across the kitchen counter.   While insects play an important role in our environment, nobody wants to face an insect problem or [...]

Are seagulls a protected species?

While seagulls were once a tradition reserved for trips to the beach, their increasing presence in urban areas hasn’t gone unnoticed. And more often than not they can become problematic for home and business owners who may want to know how to get rid of seagulls. Experts say the reason we’re seeing more of these [...]