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Why moles and rabbits are agricultural pests.

Pests don’t just cause problems when they’re found inside the home or at business premises, they can cause serious damage outside as well. Below we discuss two of the biggest agricultural pests – moles and rabbits and how you can prevent them from destroying your land. Moles  Moles can cause significant damage to your garden [...]

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Where do beetles go in the winter?

During the hot summer months, insects are everywhere. Whether they’re circling the fruit bowl, crawling over your picnic or buzzing around your ear, they’re a complete nuisance. At least during the winter you get to enjoy a bit of a break from them but beware, just because you can’t see these pesky creatures, it doesn’t [...]

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Do we need to control foxes in the UK?

Foxes started migrating into urban areas shortly after the First World War thanks to a change in people’s lifestyle. With food sources and shelter becoming increasingly plentiful, the creatures quickly moved into more densely populated areas so they could take full advantage of this. We offer an expert fox control service as these days, it’s [...]

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5 Wildlife Pests To Look Out For This Winter

As the temperature drops and food supplies become sparse, we’re less likely to encounter wildlife. There are some creatures which are hardy enough to withstand the adverse weather conditions however and sadly, some of them are classed as pests. To help you know what to look out for, below we’ve highlighted five wildlife pests you [...]

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