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What To Do If You Have Moles In Your Garden

Moles are pretty cute and while many of us may think they couldn’t possibly be classed as a pest, avid gardeners may disagree. For the most part, moles live in seclusion underground and rarely come to the surface. They can become major pests for a number of reasons, however: Their burrowing can destroy gardens, [...]

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Why To Call Your Local Pest Control Company After A Flood Or Electrical Fault

Often, by the time a client calls us in to deal with a rodent infestation, they will have paid out a lot of money trying to fix a problem that was never going to go away. Common sense does, of course, tell you to call a plumber or an electrician if you suffer from a [...]

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How To Avoid A Rodent Infestation This Winter

With the outside temperature dropping rapidly, most of us start looking forward to cosy nights wrapped up warm in front of the fire. It’s not just us who’s keen to get out of the cold! Unfortunately, rodent infestations are very common at this time of year because rats and mice dislike being out in the [...]

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Where In Your Home Are Rodents Really Hiding?

The thought of having rats or mice in the house is enough to make anyone feel a bit squeamish. It’s unlikely to keep you up at night however because most people are pretty confident that they don’t have an infestation. Rodents are very sneaky however and to top it off, they do everything they can [...]

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