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What Happens When Garden Ants Become Pests

While many of us were enjoying basking in the sunshine this summer, the warmer temperatures mean that summer species of ants are starting to become increasingly evident in and around our homes and businesses. As one of the most robust and prolific to be found on our shores, we’re all aware of the common black garden [...]

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What To Do When Pigeons Nest Under Solar Panels

As more of us look to make long-term savings on our energy bills, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With a 36% annual growth rate, the solar industry is growing so fast that it’s estimated that half the current global total will be being installed every year by 2020[1]. It seems [...]

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Cluster Flies: What Are They And How Do I Prevent An Outbreak?

Cluster flies are very common throughout Great Britain and as autumn approaches and they look for somewhere warm to hibernate for the winter, infestations become more frequent.   Typically, there are three main species of cluster fly. The Musca Autumalis is often mistaken for the common house fly because they are similar in size and [...]

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How To Prevent A Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestations are very unpleasant for a number of reasons: Many people are scared of rats and mice so chances are that you don’t want them running around your home. They can carry a number of diseases including dysentery, salmonella and gastroenteritis.   They contaminate and eat food items. They can cause fires thanks to [...]

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Flies Are More Of A Problem Than You Think

We all know that flies are annoying. Whether they’re buzzing around the house or gate-crashing our barbecues, they seem to get everywhere. While most people are aware that they’re not the most hygienic insects to have around, are flies even more troublesome than we think? Did you know? For example that the average house fly [...]

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How To Practice Effective Pest Control

Having an effective pest management programme can benefit everyone from homeowners to business owners - especially those in food processing environments. Quite simply, the best way to prevent an infestation of any kind is to recognise that pest management is a process rather than a one-time event. Below we have detailed the best ways to [...]

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