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Identify your Pests > Ants

Garden Ant (Lasius niger)
Pharaoh's ant (Monomorium pharantis)
Rogers Ant (Hypoponera punctatissima)

Insects: Ants


Identify Ants

All ants belong to the order of insects known as Hymenoptera, which include some of the most highly evolved insects known to man. Ants are social insects which construct and develop complex nests with a highly organised hierarchy of roles, attributed to male and females. Sterile, wingless female ants also know as workers build nests, nurse the young and search and gather food. Reproduction is performed by fertile females known as Queen ants and the males are responsible for the fertilisation of the Queens.
Most common of all in the UK, and the easiest to treat is the Black / Garden Ant (Lasius niger), and for commercial and domestic premises alike, are pests that present numerous difficulties during the summer months.
Rogers Ant (Hypoponera punctatissima), are sub-tropical and are not confined to heated premises, preferring damp locations in the cracks and crevices and drainage runs.
The Pharaoh's Ant (Monomorium pharantis), however, is of tropical origin and is at home in heated buildings. Treatment of this pest, if undertaken incorrectly will dramatically compound the infestation, by fragmenting the nests and doubling / quadrupling the problem making further treatments lengthy and costly.

Ant Control and Treatment

One of the most effective ways of preventing an ant invasion is to stop these pests from reaching food sources: especially sweet, but they will look for high protein sources, such as meats. Ants are notoriously determined on the trail of food and can get into jars and boxes through the tiniest gap. Storing food in 100% sealable recipients is crucial in ant prevention.
Once pest identification done, treatment and pest control of ants are relatively simple and unobtrusive. In the case of light infestations, Garden Ants can be successfully controlled and eliminated using commercial insecticides obtainable from most DIY stores. Pharaoh's Ants, Rogers Ants and deeply seated infestations of Garden Ants are best left to the professional, and the industrial residual insecticides / hormonal growth regulators available for professional use.

To find out more about ant prevention and to benefit from a Free Pest Control Risk Audit, contact your local Prokill Prokill Pest Control Technician .

Ants: Treatment & Prevention

Following identification, treatments are relatively low key and unobtrusive, light infestations of Garden Ants can be successfully treated with commercial insecticides obtainable from most DIY stores. Pharaoh's Ants , Rogers Ants and deeply seated infestations of Garden Ants are best left to the professional, and the industrial residual insecticides / hormonal growth regulators available for professional use.

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