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Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) Black rat (Rattus rattus)

Vermin: Rats


Identify Rat Species

The brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus) and the black rat (Rattus Rattus) are distinguished from each other by body dimensions and shape of nose and ears, tail length and general habits. Despite their common names: brown and black respectively, colour is not a useful feature when identifying the two species of rats.

The Black Rat

This rat species is now very rare in the UK and Ireland. The black rat can be identified by their small body, large ears,
pointed nose, tail longer than its body, and movement similar to that of a squirrel.

The Brown Rat

The Brown rat, also known as the sewer rat, or the Norway rat, is the most commonly found of the two rats within the UK and Ireland. This rodent pest breeds throughout the year with remarkable success. The gestation period lasts for up to 21 days, and the young rat reaches sexual maturity at 8-12 weeks, able to have in the region of 6 litters per year with a litter size of up to eight baby rats.
Rats have been known to run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds, jump spans of up to six feet and swim continuously for 72 hours. It is little wonder when linked with our ever messier life style of takeaways and litter that you are never more than six feet away from this pest!

Rats: Treatment & Prevention

Pest Control and Prevention of Rats

The correct treatment against rats is vitally important in professional control. The comprehensive Free Pest Risk Survey conducted by trained and qualified Prokill technicians will identify:
- location and areas rats frequent
- food and water sources
- entry points and likely size of infestation.

The following step is the implementation of an appropriate rodent baiting programme:
Specially formulated and effective baits known as rodenticides are portioned and strategically placed within specifically created baiting stations to entice rats to feed in areas they perceive to be safe locations.
Baiting is to be linked with proofing measures such as bristle strip, Provents and other entry blocking. Extra care must be taken to avoid children and pets being exposed to rodenticides.
In certain cases, the Prokill pest control experts may recommend gassing as a pest control strategy, however fumigants are subject to numerous health and safety regulations and legislation.
In particularly sensitive or difficult situations, the Prokill technicians will apply traps and sticky boards in order to quickly reduce or eliminate the pest infestation.
In all rat infestation cases, a series of a minimum 3 treatments is necessary, and in many domestic or commercial premises, a number of annual visits usually between 8-12 are recommended. Furthermore, proofing measures and external monitor baits are required to eliminate and prevent further infestation of one of the most prolific pests in the UK and Ireland.

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