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Insects: Stored Product Pests


Insects: Stored Product Pests

Import and export laws to different countries are very complex and stringent so as to limit/attempt to eradicate the transference of stored product pests: whether it is Beetles (Coleoptera), Moth (Lepidoptera), Booklice (Psocoptera) or Mite (Acarina), due to the potentially catastrophic detrimental effect they can have on such a wide variety of food products.
The range of commodities that may be affected is quite extensive: cheese, tobacco, wheat, rice, peas, beans, currants, nuts and coffee - in fact nearly all types of cereals, dried fruits, spices, pulses and all processed foods made from this extensive list.
Many of the Stored Product Insects will live and complete their life cycle within the product itself, and infest buildings/warehouses in the search for light or a mate. These pest insects have the ability to survive for long periods on small sediment left behind after cleaning, or enclosed within the cracks and crevices in buildings and packaging.
We advised that identification and treatment of stored product pests is always be left to the Prokill pest technicians, as rapid multiplication to epidemic levels is possible within a very short period of time.
Stored Product Pest Insects: Beetles, Moth (Lepidoptera), Booklice and Mite have a wide variety of characteristics, feeding, breeding and life cycles.

Identification and Detection of Stored Product Insects

When trying to identify these pests, you should look for the following signs:

  • Insects – whether dead or alive
  • Damaged good e.g. holes in grains, typically left by moths
  • Infestation by beetles or mites have a taint smell.
  • Tracks, left by beetles - double row of footprints, Larvae - solid line, Moth - footprints plus wing marks.
  • Flying moths
  • Beige-coloured mite dust

Stored Product Pests: Treatment & Prevention

Part of the treatment against Stored Product Insects must always include a thorough cleaning programme, linked with treatment of processing/packaging machinery, transportation (lorries, ships) and storage areas, as well as treatment or disposal of food stuffs.

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